Dream Cloud

Make a wish and follow your dreams..

What is Dream Cloud

Dream Cloud is a project that helps not only fulfil dreams, but as well search for help or be the help itself. Dream Cloud is social network, that brings people together to help each other make dreams come true. It's like a kickstarter of dreams.. And charity, if need help.

How it works

Your son wants a bike, but you don't have any money? Or maybe you never drove a Ferrari and that is the most amazing dream for you? Or some of your friends needs a medicine, that you can't buy because of your financial situation? Just make an wish order in Dream Cloud and see what will happen.
Every single person will see your story and your wish, and can make it become real by donating a summ of crypto, that you need. You need 1 ETH? 10? or maybe even 2000? It doesn't matter.
Place your wish order on the site and wait for a miracle to happen, with help of people all around the world.

How to start?

You can register here, get the airdrop and post your wish or dream.
Or just anonymously post it here. Who knows, maybe your dream will be fulfilled.

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