A dream is like a cloud. Soft and wavy, slowly floating through your mind, making all your problems disappear. Just a fantasy, that helps you leave grey reality.
But what if you can make your wish come true?
Make your most crazy dreams real with help of Dream Cloud team.


Everyone has their own dreams. A bike? A cat? A flight to the moon? All your most amazing ideas can become true. Maybe you just need a little step more, to make it real. Maybe you're missing just a small piece to realize one's desire. And the Dream Cloud is a project, that helps you to fulfill your most desirable wishes. Sounds ambitious? HELL YEAH!
You can become the one who wishes, and the one who is helping others to make their dreams a real, lovely, beautiful story.

So what is Dream Cloud?

Dream Cloud is a project that helps you not only to fulfill your dreams, but ask for help or be the help itself as well. Dream Cloud is not a donation site, it's more like a social network, that brings people together to help each other make their dreams come true. It's like a kickstarter of your dreams. And charity, if you need help.

Our main target is to HELP people gain something most important for them.
We are making one place, where everybody can share their dreams, and where anybody can make it real.
There is so many dreams in the world, but we can't make them real by ourselves, being alone, only together we can make all of them real.
Your son wishes for a bicycle, but you don't have any spare money? Your girlfriend wishes for celebrating her Birthday on yacht with all her friends? Or maybe you have idea of an amazing invention, that can change people's life? And you need just a little push to make it happen? Sure thing, Dream Cloud can help!

Do you remember these internet videos that inspired you? Like those where fireman is saving a kitty, or where the deaf person hears the voice of relatives for the first time?
Those small pieces of kindness, self-sacrifice and love, it all inspires and motivates.
So it’s your time to inspire someone and decide which dream you want to fulfill or tell about.

Dream Cloud is a project, where you can become the one who wishes, and the one who is helping others to make their dreams real. We do not make rules or any confines. What kind of dream do you want to share - it's up to you!

Let your fantasy flow, and see what magic can happen with the help of Dream Cloud!

How it works

How it works

Write down your dream and send it into the cloud. For one dream you’ll need 1 DREAM token.
Everyone will see what you desire about. And as soon as dream-investors will see it - your dream can come true! Every single person can be a dream-investor, that will see your story and your wish, and can make it become real by donating a sum of crypto that you need.
When your dream will be realized, you just need to say thanks to every dream-investors with your small report about fulfilling it. Video, payment order, happy photo with your realized dream or other things that could confirm about "Dream come true" will be enough.
After realization of your dream and report about it, all Dream Cloud users can rate a dream realization, and the dreamer gets his own rating, which in future will impact on your next dream request fees %, voting, payments and etc.

Become a wisher

Who is the wisher? Shortly - it is you.
By placing the wish order on the site, the person becomes a wisher.
The wisher can be anyone - one single man and a big commercial company as well.
To place the order you need to describe your wish in detail.
Every wisher has his own rating.

Become a dream-investor

Who is dream-investor? And again, if shortly - also you.
The dream-investors are people, who want to do some good and kind things to others. And the people may know the names of those, who helped them to fulfill their dreams! (There can be an anonymous investors as well, that just want for you to be happy).

The dream-investors are people that donated at least some sum of tokens to help you fulfill your wish. There are two types of investors;

  • Opened ones; (Our heroes, that everyone knows! They can tell about themselves and also send a link to their resources. You can never become an anonymous ever again)
  • Anonymous; (They are our masked superheroes! But actually, they will be tired of hiding their real names - they always can become an open investor)
You have a possibility to become a wish maker by donating crypto into people's wishes.
Become a real hero for someone, or a big friend by helping other person. Anonymously? Sure, if you want to be a superhero in the mask. Or maybe you want people to know how do superheroes look like nowadays? Don't be shy and show then who helped them to fulfill their dreams (it can be a really great advertising for you or your company).

The Process itself

The wisher has to fill in the form by placing a wish order.
The form contains:

  • Description in details of the wish (story, why it’s needed, why can’t you fulfill it yourself and etc.);
  • Аmount of DREAMs that is required to fulfil your dream;
  • In what time you want to gather the funds (there are 3 types of time, in which you can gather the money:
    • one week;
    • one month;
    • three months.)
If everything is fine the wish is accepted and it will appear on site to gather the funds.
By gathering the whole sum, the company receives the commission in the amount of 1% of gathered funds.
In case when all funds are collected, wisher receives it immediately and from the moment he receives the funds - he has 4 weeks to confirm the fulfillment of his wish.
But if all funds aren’t collected on time, or wish is blocked due to some circumstances, the wish order will be closed and all collected funds will be returned to dream-investors.

Dream Cloud Treasury

Dream Cloud Treasury is intended for special occasion in most difficult time and for more vital or urgent dreams.
For example, you want to help homeless people to find shelter, or maybe you need an urgent medical treatment and you don’t have time to wait, or maybe in some region of a planet disaster has happened.

This is not usual treasury. This treasure is kept for you... For your wishes...
Dream Cloud Treasury contains the funds from fees and other incomes such as forbidden ideas or direct donations to project’s treasury.


Every week Dream Cloud users vote for 3 most brightest wishes. Which in result will receive 5%, 2.5%, 1% from all amount of Dream Cloud Treasury.
For example, in Treasury we have 1,000,000 DREAMS.
It means that the 1st place receives 5% - 50,000 DREAMS.
Treasury balance is 950,000 DREAMS.
The 2nd place receives 2.5% from the remaining Treasury amount.
From 950,000 - it is 23,750 DREAMS.
Treasury balance - 926,250 DREAMS.
And 1% for the 3rd place. It is - 9262.5 DREAMS.

Amount Treasury Balance
1st place (5%) 50,000 950,000.00
2nd place (2.5%) 23,750 926,250.00
3rd place (1%) 9,262 916,987

If a dream requires bigger amount of DREAMs, then the rest of the amount still have to collect further in normal way.
In case, if a dream requires less amount of funds, then it gets only a required amount of DREAMs.
Winning dreams can not re-participate in the vote!

Token Distribution

Technical specification

DREAM is ethereum based token. Enable storing of active dreams in blockchain. One dream token will holds only one dream.

Maximum Supply 21,000,000 DREAM
Emission Rate No new tokens will be created


Dream Cloud is the first dream in this project, that you can make come true. Let’s believe in that dream and help to realize it in order we could realize more others dreams - so many, that you can't even imagine.
Let's make our world a little bit better with Dream Cloud. After all - magic can be real!